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Dec 2009

  • We have a web screen with a number of applets that has a problem on Mac OSX 10.5.7, Firefox 3.0.15, java 1.5.0_19.

    The problem is encountered on the user site. On initial load of applets (with an empty applet cache), the screen locks up/hangs while loading the applets. After refreshing the page, it loads normally. If the cache is cleared, same problem happens again.

    Unfortunately, we’re not encountering this on our local test machine (same OS, java and Firefox versions)

    We were able to get a jstack thread dump, see below:

    However, we’re not sure how to interpret it. Any suggestions or advice?

    Edit: We were able to replicate in our testing machine by creating a new user (clean Firefox profile). If we clear the java cache then visit the problematic pages, the edit controls are disabled (we can’t click them to focus them), the Firefox address bar and search box have the same behavior. The edit box controls only “unfreeze” when we access the “Help” menu entry, which has a Search edit box that is active.

Feb 2009

Dec 2008

  • I’m not sure if this a settings problem or an HTML problem, but on a page layout I’m working on, Firefox does not render the stylesheet immediately. Meaning for maybe half a second I can see the unstyled page, then the stylesheet kicks in and it renders as I expect.

    All my stylesheets are in external css files loaded in the head tag. I’m not encountering this on Flock (which is a Firefox variant) nor on Google Chrome/IE.

    Any idea how to avoid it?

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