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Jul 2017

Mar 2017

  • Sony 4K HDR Bravia X8000D

    4k XLocal tech blog YugaTech is doing a giveaway of a Sony X8000D Bravia 4K TV. To be honest I wasn’t sure about using this blog to participate in a promo, but I was already in the market for a new TV since our living room TV is already starting to have some problems. I checked out the product features of the Sony X8000D Bravia on their website. Some of the features stood out for me specifically:

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Dec 2012

  • Posted on r/hardware: Looking for a replacement video card, around $100-$120 budget, suggestions?

    My GTX460 vid card just died and I’m looking to buy a replacement tomorrow. I can’t buy online, so I’ve been looking at price lists of some local stores.

    I was planning to get an Inno3d GTX650, but the store I plan to buy from is out of stock of those. They have an Asus GTX650, but it’s like 50% more expensive =/ (Not sure if there’s a large difference between the brands). What alternatives should I be considering before I go out to the mall tomorrow?

    I’m a gamer, but I’m not really the “play on ultra-high settings” kind of guy. The most graphically intensive game I’ve bought recently is probably Skyrim.

    I prefer Nvidia, but aside from preference, not many Radeon cards are being sold around here. Here’s a sample price list from one of my local stores: - prices are not in USD, they’re in PHP, but roughly my budget should be around 5000+ or less in local prices. There’s not many choices if I can’t find an Inno3d GTX650…I’m willing to spend a little bit more if it will be more “future proof”, but I’m not sure which of these cards would be a good buy at higher prices.

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May 2007

  • Indulgence -- the Nokia N73

    I bought a new phone yesterday. At the recommendation of my brother, I got one from the Nokia N-series, the Nokia N73. As a relatively recent smartphone release, it cost quite a chunk of cash. I was having second thoughts for a while, because I’m almost never comfortable parting with a significant amount of cash. If I’m going to spend more than a week’s salary on something, it better provide me with a decent amount of entertainment

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Oct 2006

  • new monitor

    New monitor - 19” widescreen LCD. That whole desk used to hold a monitor! (Click to view full-size) New monitor - 19” widescreen LCD. That whole desk used to hold a monitor! 30 Oct 2006 8:28amView postClose As promised, a picture. That desk used to hold an entire monitor! Now it has my wallet, a watch, a couple of flash drives, a landline, a cellphone and a whole bunch of wires!

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  • I wish I had a camera right now so I could post a picture of it, but yeah, I now have a brand-new 19-inch widescreen LCD monitor on my desk. Wow, I have so much space! Both physical space and desktop space! I came home at past 12 midnight last night and was so sleepy I would have immediately went into a catatonic sleep had my brother not brought home and installed this new monitor.

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Oct 2005

May 2005

Aug 2004

  • New Hardware

    Spent some cash this weekend. First thing was a 256 Mb Kingston flash drive. Nothing too complicated, just something to transfer MP3s to and from work with. =) Next up was a digital camera. A Kodak CX6330 to be exact. We had been planning to buy one for a while. Pics? Not now. Funny story though. There was this promo where we could get a P5000 discount (less than US$100) if we could show a receipt for P200 worth of Pampers (a local brand of baby diapers)… so I had to explain to people why in the world I was carrying around some diapers…
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Jan 2003