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Jun 2021

  • Posted on r/Philippines: I’m looking for an old Pugad Baboy strip

    Baka merong may copy. In the strip, Patrolman Durugas has stopped Mang Dagul for a traffic violation, tapos pinilisopo sya ni Dagul, so binigyan sya ng ticket, nakasulat “violation: pilosopo”

    I would guess it’s from the early books, kasi I remember medyo raw pa yung art style. Probably somewhere in books 1-3, kasi I have book 4 here, parang mas polished na yung art.

    Thanks in advance to anyone who can help!

    (Bakit walang flair na “Question”? Sige na nga, “Culture” na lang)

May 2021

  • Posted on r/applehelp: 2017 Macbook Air has trouble charging


    I have a 2017 Macbook Air. This one still has the Magsafe charger. My problem with it is that connecting the charger to the device via the Magsafe port is super finicky, most of the time if I just plug it in straight, the device won’t charge (the battery status indicator will have the lightning bolt symbol, but if you click on it, the dropdown will say “not charging”) and the magsafe connector won’t light up (if it’s charging it will light up either red or green).

    Eventually I’m usually able to get it to charge. But it takes me some number of tries disconnecting and reconnecting the charger, turning the wire or the connector every which way trying to find the proper angle where it will charge. Sometimes it takes me hours or even days to be able to get it to charge again. Obviously not very practical.

    I don’t think it’s a problem with the charger itself; I’ve tried borrowing another working magsafe charger from someone else and the same problems arise. I’ve tried blowing into the connector ports or using toothpicks to clean out any dust, and still the situation persists.

    Anyone else encountered this kind of issue? Any advice?

Apr 2021

  • Posted on r/GlobalTalk: [Question] What are the police like in your country?

    If you’ve been following recent events in the US (disclaimer: I’m not an American), police brutality is a big, controversial topic over there, leading to protests and calls to defund the police and such, popularizing the phrase ACAB (meaning “all cops are bastards”)

    In my own country (the Philippines), cops don’t have a very good reputation either; they are often seen as corrupt extortionists and some may be complicit in extrajudicial killings in Duterte’s drug war; recently they have done some bad moves such as attempting to interfere with community pantries that popped up to help the poor during the pandemic.

    So that left me wondering what police are like in other countries. Are there countries where the police have a generally good reputation (maybe my country or the US can learn something from those places)? Or are they generally just tools for enforcing the (often unequal) status quo?

Mar 2021

  • Posted on r/magicTCG: Android/iOS versions not available in Southeast Asia?

    Has anyone in SEA been able to get the mobile versions? I’m from the Philippines, me and my friend in Singapore both can’t find the app on the stores. Even when using a direct link, the stores will just say Arena isn’t available in the country/region. Any others from SEA countries have any luck?

    Have they released any official word on this? Or is there any WOTC staff here who can shed some light on why it’s not available in SEA?

    So annoyed that the MTG twitter accounts have the audacity to claim Arena is now available “everywhere” on mobile when it’s definitely not.

Feb 2021

  • Posted on r/StreetFighter: SF5 - is it expected to be so hard to find a match?

    Filthy casual here. I haven’t booted up the game in a while, I play on Steam (though I also have the PS4 copy… somewhere). Tried to find a match (ranked) last night, around 10pm. My settings are connection 4-5, platform any. Waited for 10 mins, couldn’t find a match. Not sure if it’s because I’m low ranked (ultra bronze i think) while everyone’s already silver and up or something? Or are there so few people playing nowadays that it’s difficult to find matches. Or is it because I’m in southeast asia? Is it harder to find matches here? Or is my connection terrible? Or should I try various times of the day?

    This was the reason I haven’t played in a while anyway, I always find it difficult to find matches. The whole reason I booted up was I was tempted by the s5 character pass, since the idea of queueing with random select via Eleven was appealing to me. But if it’s difficult to find matches, there’s no point.

Jan 2021

  • Posted on r/MagicArena: Foretell and Revealed Cards in Hand on Arena

    I’m wondering how Arena will handle using Foretell when some of the cards in the opponent’s hand are revealed to you, since the card you exile with foretell should be hidden information. i.e., if I thoughtseize you and you’re holding 3 different foretell cards, then during your turn you pay 2 and exile one of them, the other 2 should no longer be revealed to me, since I would be able to deduce which card was exiled.

    Have they made any statement about this? I’m not super confident they’d handle it well lol.

Oct 2020

Jun 2020

May 2020

  • Posted on r/psych: Questions about S7/S8 Shawn and Juliet

    So I binged the entire series recently. I had only seen a few episodes on and off before, so I hadn’t really followed the whole Shawn and Juliet relationship before too closely. My question is about Jules and Shawn taking a break after Jules learns The Truth (TM) during Lassiter’s wedding.

    Basically, the show made a big deal of how Jules couldn’t trust Shawn and even after Jules stops Shawn from confessing to the chief, she still says there’s an issue of trust. Yet the very next episode, Shawn is sleeping at Jules’ place again, and a couple of episodes later he just randomly tells Gus at the end of the episode that he and Jules are officially back together again, without giving us any indication of what happened in between for Shawn to earn back that trust.

    It just feels totally unearned compared to the big deal Juliet made about it after the wedding. Did they just run out of episodes to resolve things (the season ends the episode after Shawn says they are back together). I was just wondering if it was just me, or did the community feel this way about it at the time?

    I was also wondering if it had something to do with Roday and Lawson splitting up as a couple IRL sometime in 2013? It’s noticeable that from that point onwards, the show places much less emphasis on them as a couple, did they decide to just quickly wrap up the focus on Shawn/Juliet because of their IRL status?

    Am I overthinking this? Lol.

Mar 2020