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2021 April

Triple cheese donuts #food

2019 September

I ate at Nathan’s the other day. Pretty good, but you’re still basically paying US price for a hotsog
I ate at Nathan’s the other day. Pretty good, but you’re still basically paying US price for a hotsog

2019 August

Chicken kebab

2019 June

Grilled cheese for brunch
About to try what is allegedly the world’s best mac and cheese

2017 December

2017 May


2017 April

Unlimited meat Korean BBQ @ K-Pub

2017 March

Bacon breakfast!

2017 January


2016 December

Steak! #minsanlang

2016 August

Kfc’s “four cheese chizza” sounded ridiculous so I tried it. This looks nothing like the ad though

2016 July

Bacon fried like chicken

2016 June

I did poorly today so Pepper Lunch na lang

2016 May


2016 April


2015 November

2015 October

Cbprwc (no corn)

2015 August

Chicken katsu curry
Rigatoni carbonara
#breakingbad #lastbaconpostiswear
The bacon looks better on the second try. Maybe I should learn to scramble eggs next
Poorly cooked bacon and leftover rice
Egg fried rice w duck
Today’s brunch: spam and rice. Achievement: able to use a rice cooker lol
Traditional english breakfast
Brunch at random italian place

2015 July

Egg fried rice w chicken

2015 June

Late night snack

2015 March

Today’s lunch. Much better than yesterday’s
Today’s lunch (for comparison with rome)
Tonight’s dinner

2014 December

Caveman pizza! (@ Steveston Pizza in Quezon City)

2014 November

Late night snack
House of Lasanga Dinner @ SM Megamall

2014 September

Bacon rice for late breakfast

2014 August

Thanks Lizbeth Jane Garcia!
(@House of Lasagna Lower Ground Floor SM Megamall Building A)
I was annoyed at things so I randomly decided to have a heavy/expensive dinner
Birthday Lunch @ Yabu

2014 April

I only have this once a year

2014 March

Cheesy penne from banapple Lizbeth Garcia

2013 September


2013 May

Typical sunday breakfast at home

2012 October

Late night cheese snack (I’m now one of those people who takes pictures of food)

2011 July

Pizza! #camote