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12 Feb 2002

Website updates: New text files in features section!

Ack… haven’t been doing much lately. My time has been consumed by the evil monster that is Sierra’s Betrayal at Krondor. It’s an RPG based on Raymond Feist’s Riftwar series of books. Haven’t read the books myself, but the game is well done, and is still enjoyable despite its age (I think it was released in ‘92 or such). The game was released by Sierra as freeware to promote the sequel, and it can be downloaded at

The other thing I’ve been doing, is trying to catch up on my board exam review, and I’m fairly behind schedule. There’s around a month and a half left before the exam, but so far I’ve only reviewed most of the electronics topics. (The reviews are in 3 parts: electronics, communications and mathematics.)

Another thing I’ve been doing was working on my own RPG. The Palefire thing was great, but it seems no one in the group has time to do it anymore. While I still want to do Palefire, it’ll have to go to the back burner while everyone gets their acts together. Since I don’t have a new comp yet, no RPG programming of any sorts going to take place soon. Right now it’s mostly design, world-building, and setting the rules into place. I don’t even have a very solid plot yet, but I want to thresh out the world before focusing on the plot. Good luck to me.

Things I’m not doing: Learning more Japanese (which I promised myself I would do); Studying more programming (same); Writing fiction. I’d update the Mecis story but I found the first part of it severely lacking. When I have time, I’ll probably rewrite it altogether.

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