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Firefox in 98?

This internet shop is using Windows 98, apparently. And it looks like Firefox’s icon doesn’t show properly in 98?

Oh, and Yahoo has a new front page.

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Now that you mention it, I don't think I've ever seen the desktop icon for Firefox. Then again, I keep forgetting if I'm installing Firefox, or just watered down Mozilla. And I delete most desktop icons anyway - I already clutter it up with downloads whenever the data drives are out of space (often).

If you're in the mood to bowl, just say. I've been itching to find someone to regularly play tenpins with.

About playing, though: spent all day yesterday raising my rating from 867 to 979 in WordBiz playing only against lower-ranked people (12 games). Apparently no one with a higher rank will answer my seeks. But, c'mon, a guy with a ranking of 131 took me on when I had a ranking of 939! (He lost by time out: spent 26 minutes on 7 or 8 turns. I guess that's why his ranking's low.)

Anyways, I've also tried Yahoo! Bridge and Yahoo! Hearts lately. Too bad today's the first day of classes in Ateneo - and next week is the first week of UP. I'm finally full-time employed! Woot!

Hah! Even though I have my own blog, I just hijacked yours!

PS Drat, now I can't remember the last name of the new dean. I think she was the EEE dean.