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In a fit of awe-inspiring common sense, I want swimming with my eyeglasses on. And, as expected when one makes such a gargantuan mistake, the Sea was aware of my folly. It sent its minions, one after another, to take my precious away from me. Again and again I bore their onslaught, as wave after wave came after me, yearning to knock me off my feet loosely planted upon the sandy earth some four and a half feet below water level. Finally, weary of the long battle, the Sea summons all its might. I did not see it coming, for my back was turned and I was celebrating my recent victories thinking the worst was over. I suddenly became aware of my 12-year-old adopted cousin looking behind me in abject horror. A gigantic wave had arisen out of nowhere, the only warning being the looming shadow that came at me from behind. I had no time to prepare for this savage assault, and the Mother of all Waves came upon me with all her might, finally knocking this proud yet weary warrior off his feet. I felt myself tumble underwater, my trunks almost torn off me in the fury of the crashing water. I reached out my arms in desperation, and my hands struck wet sand, letting me know in what direction to raise my head. When I finally surfaced again, my eyeglasses were gone, I had lost the battle. My eyeglasses belong to the Sea now.

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I enjoyed this lol. Whether this is based in real life or not, your writing style is very good and clear.
Thanks! It is in fact, based on what happened to me yesterday morning :D
oi roy! pwede ba kita i-link?