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Picked it up as an impulse buy from National Bookstore a couple of weeks ago. Anyone who grew up in the 80s will appreciate Bob Ong’s trip back to his elementary/high school/college days. His tales of school will ring true to anyone from around the same era; younger folk may not appreciate it so much. (My younger brother seems to have no idea what Spin-a-win is/was, although he is aware of SOS, Flames, etc.)

The earlier parts of the book are mostly funny and/or amusing, detailing those silly little things that school kids tend to obsess with. The latter parts start to get serious once the author gets to his college years; he goes into serious stories of dropping out of college, taking a vocational course and eventually becoming a teacher, where the book comes full circle (and a bit preachy as well).

The book is hard to classify; it’s not exactly comedy, it’s not exactly serious. It’s more like the author kept a running blog since he was in grade school and published it all. Also, there doesn’t seem to be much information about the author himself; apparently “Bob Ong” is a pseudonym of some sort. A very satisfying read all in all, I know this because I felt compelled to buy his next two books because of it. His books are cheaper than the usual book prices anyway =)

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wow grabe !! I cannot believe that someone really published it. Sikat na pala ako!!! Please patawarin ako ng mga taong natamaan ng bato.
aira "BOB" ong
aira "BOB" ong
THaNK you sa lahat ng tumangkilik nito kahit na merong mga nagagalit. And I am really feel sorry for them….
aira "BOB" ong
aira "BOB" ong
And anyway, I am not a teacher yet!!! I'm 16 going to be 17 next month(2-19-08)
soorry!!!!!!!!!ndi ako nani2wala sau!!!NYEK!!