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So yeah, out of a strange mix of adventurism, inertia, coincidence and plan old boredom, I decided to install linux on this machine. At first I just wanted to see how easy the install would be, but after I nuked my Windows XP install I sort of had no turning back. (-_-!)

Anyway, I went for a dual boot of Windows XP and Kubuntu, supposedly an easy-to-use Linux distro. So yeah, I even watched this video online that showed how to do the installs. (The video shows two guys doing the dual boot install with XP and Ubuntu, same difference.)

Okay, so yeah, I’m cool. I do the install and woohoo, I boot into Kubuntu, I’m awesome, yeah!

But my Kubuntu has no internet. :( It seems to have some sort of namespace resolving problem. I asked around on the kubuntu channel at and on the kubuntu forums, some nice guys gave me some stuff I could try, so I’ll try again maybe tomorrow if I don’t get home too late. (Can’t right now as my bro is playing DoTA and his internet goes down if I reboot… )

(To be continued… )

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