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Ubuntu Desktop 01-Apr-2006

Screenshot 01-Apr-2006
Screenshot 01-Apr-2006 (Click to view full-size)

I’m getting a lot more comfortable with Ubuntu… I spent about half an hour today customizing the environment and setting up some stuff. I can do my downloading in Ubuntu now; I just need to set up some sort of shared FAT32 partition that both WinXP and Ubuntu can access for easy transfer between the two OS. (Currently, Ubuntu only has read-only access to the NTFS file system)

In fact, most of my home PC usage can be done in Ubuntu now, except for one important thing: gaming. I swear, games are the only thing keeping Linux from becoming mainstream; The whole shebang about Linux being hard to use for ordinary folk really isn’t much when you consider that a lot of ordinary folk ask for help even when using Windows anyway. The default installation of distros like Ubuntu might very well be enough for “ordinary folk”…

But for gamers like me, (even though I’m not *that* hardcore a gamer anymore), unless we’re willing to satisfy ourselves with a windows emulation layer, we’ll still need Windows…


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