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My Job, Such As It Is

Nice post onΒ Salary Averages Comparison over at the Pinoy Tech Blog. It got me thinking about my own job. I work at a foreign-based software development company that caters to clients outside the country. These days, I work mostly on JSP-based web projects. My starting salary, three and a half years ago, was higher than the average presented in this graph. Obviously, I’m earning a lot more than that now. I always assumed I was earning more than average; it feels nice to have it confirmed by some data, even if from across the internets.

Before I started out in the current job, I wouldn’t have thought it likely that I would stay as long as have. Don’t get me wrong, I enjoy what I do as a software developer; I’ve never been close to humble, so I don’t mind saying I’m pretty good at what I do as well. But I’m the sort of guy who always dreams of walking his own way, not just being a regular joe employee like everyone else. Such that every so often I get this craving to jump ship and search for a different fortune.

Not that it’s a bad job mind you. Just the opposite in fact, above average pay and work I enjoy doing (most of the time). Sure, it gets stressful at times; especially since I’m currently serving as technical lead on one of the larger projects, such that I often get overwhelmed by technical requests. But somehow I’ve grown used to it here. For lack of a better term, I’ve grown some roots.

And yesterday, I was promoted. I haven’t been briefed on the details yet, but I know from others that it’s not a salary increase thing, more of additional benefits. Still, it’s good to be recognized, even if I was expecting it (people were kidding me for months that I was already past due for it… ) Even though I was expecting it, I still failed to gather my usual wordiness and basically stammered a couple of thank you’s as my speech. Hey, I didn’t expect to have to talk to two hundred people!

Man, now it’s gonna be even harder to resign…

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