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I’m blogging from an airport; I feel like such a seasoned traveler. Actually I’m writing this post just so that I can claim to post on the internet from airports.

I am of course flying back to Manila after a short 3-day visit to Hong Kong. People always ask me where I plan to go while in HK, even though I always come here to work. It’s even worse this time, as I flew in Sunday evening, attending a three-day seminar until Wednesday, working during the evenings then flying back Thursday morning. Not much time to do anything really.

Ordinarily, I wouldn’t want to take lunch at the airport because of the excessive price, but the check-in took a bit longer than I expected so I wasn’t able to grab some food outside. The second mistake was ordering a fried noodle dish. It would have been fine if I was sufficiently skilled with chopsticks, but as it is I can only food I can manage relatively well with chopsticks are large pieces of meat. And fried noodles are served all bunched up together and they aren’t straightforward to chew through, hence whenever I shove some into my mouth with the chopsticks, I feel like I would be unable to stop until I swallow it all (or choke, whatever). Eventually I just give up with about a third of the noodles still in the bowl. The flight will have some food anyway.

Whenever I’m bored and traveling I tend to think of random insane scenarios that I act out in my head. Examples:

While watching a 15-year old Chinese kid struggle with a Rubik’s Cube on the MTR:

Me (stands up and walks over to the kid, extending hand): “Give me that!” (Grabs the cube and solves it in ten seconds flat, and immediately jump off at Central station while the rest of the passengers watch in awe)


While looking for a place to eat at the airport:

Me (walks up to a random Chinese woman): Hi, I’m hungry.

Chinese woman: Eh?

Me (making hand-to-mouth signs): Hungry! Give me some food!


Luckily, I never do any of these.

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may i ask why do you always go to hongkong? Transformers!!

I'm sorry, I completely forgot na nagpabili ka ng Transformers. T_T Not that I would have had time to buy you anything, since busy talaga.

I usually go to Hong Kong for work, meeting up with clients, etc. The company I work for is HK-based so a lot of the work comes from there.

wow bigtime. edi bossing ka na pala if you're the one meeting with clients. di nyo ba kailangan ng business analyst? =P

Although I go onsite, usually it's just for technical assistance stuff. Although the last two times I went it was because I had to work directly with a partner company.

And we don't usually hire analysts directly, you need to work your way up from being a programmer before you get any SA work. :D