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  1. Web design has never been one of my strong points, and it’s something I’d like to improve on.

  2. The Roy on Magic blog has been using the default WordPress Template since forever, and I’ve been trying to find a good WP Template that fits the “Magic the Gathering” theme.

Put the above points together, and I have a new personal project. Just for fun, I’ll log my progress here.

Where do I start? I’m actually pretty clueless about web design in general, but I figure I can rough it out. I decide that I need to start by choosing colors. Yes, websites have colors, and despite the fact that I couldn’t figure out matching shirts and pants to save my life, I’m going to try to pick a decent color scheme for a website.

Except I didn’t. I cheated instead. I knew that Excel 2007 came with predefined sets of color themes, so I fired up Excel and chose from one of the available color schemes.

(Click to view full-size)

I figure it’s okay to cheat here and there because I’m a newb. Excel 2007 offers me several color schemes; since my favorite color in Magic is green, I decide it’s going to be a green-themed website layout and choose the colors from the default green-type theme.

I think about how I would layout the page. I could open up an HTML editor and draft a few sample layouts, but instead I do something a bit easier. I already have Excel open, so I draft the layout using Excel. We sometimes use Excel at work for prototyping web forms; using it to prototype layouts isn’t so far a stretch. I decide on a 3-column layout with varying shades of green and put in some sample text of what I imagine each column would contain.

(Click to view full-size)

When a reader comes to the site, I want him to read the most recent article first, so I place the latest post content in the leftmost column. I imagine that I can figure out later how to make only one post appear there. After the most recent article, I want the user to see a list of the recent posts, so I put in the second column where he can quickly scan it. In the last column I’ll place the “About” stuff, etc.

Next, I open up a text editor. I know that most “pro” web designers recommend the use of CSS for layouts so I try out the 3-column layout, using 3 floating divs inside a container div. It looks fine in Firefox, but it doesn’t look so hot in IE. (See screenshot for details)

(Click to view full-size)

If I had more time, I would’ve looked up how to fix this using CSS, but I was impatient and still had the “newb” excuse so I just made a mockup page using a table layout instead. [TODO: Screenshot]

Next I need an image to place in the header area, preferably artwork from a green Magic card. The best place to look is the official website, so I browse over to and look over the recent entries in the “Wallpaper of the Week” feature. I settle on the card art for Winnower Patrol.

I download the 1280Γ—1024 version of the wallpaper and open it up in the Gimp Image Editor. I crop a smaller area that matches the header size and paste it unto an image of my mockup to get a feel of what it looks like.

(Click to view full-size)

The Winnower Patrol image fits surprisingly well, at least it looks that way to me.

Now that I have a rough layout, I want to start working on the WordPress side. I already have a local WordPress installation, so to make things easier I export the content of the Roy on Magic site and import it into my local test installation.

Next I go into my local wordpress folder and create a copy of the default theme. I name the new folder “green” – I’ll think of a creative name for the theme later.

I go into the folder and wonder where I should start. I’m a bit familiar already with the files so I know that to create the basic layout I have to modify the ff:

a. styles.css – I delete the contents and paste in the styles from my HTML mockup

b. header.php – similarly, I copy-paste the header code from my HTML mockup into the header file. Additionally, I have to change the hardcoded “Roy on Magic” to and the description to

c. index.php – this is the page that renders the posts. I’m not yet too familiar with how WP does the post retrieval, so I just copy the table row from the HTML mockup and then put in the default post generation code.

d. sidebar.php – similar to index, I just copy the default sidebar content first and place it inside the HTML mockup tags. I also paste the third column contents from the mockup into the currently empty third column.

e. footer.php – similarly merged from mockup and the default template.

I login to WordPress and change the theme to “green” and check it out in the browser:

(Click to view full-size)

It now looks like the layout I planned! (Surprise!) Now I need to cleanup the content so that only the parts I want are displayed in each column. This is going to take a lot more delving into the innards of WordPress and PHP though, so I’ll continue this next time.

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