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I couldn’t leave work early again last May 24, so I settled for signing up to a booster draft.

Unfortunately, the draft itself didn’t go well. I tried going with either red/green or red/black first, but wasn’t getting enough good cards. I eventually settled on picking up the many blue fliers that were passing by and eventually ended up in Uw. I was still undecided and still picked from red/black occasionally in pack two until the third pack where I cracked Thistledown Liege. (I also picked Ashenmoor Liege later in the pack). I ended with around 18 R/x cards in my draft pool so my U/w deck wasn’t very solid and I had to put in a bunch of filler and also splashed for Burn Trail and Ember Gale.

I still managed to go 3-1 despite that, with some lucky matchups. Most of the other decks had trouble dealing with my multitude of fliers, especially if I manage to Spectral Procession into Thistledown Liege

In the only match I lost I basically had no chance anyway; the guy’s deck had like 2 Tattermunge Duo, 2 Puncture Bolt, 2 Scar, 1 Flame Javelin, 1 Boartusk Liege, 1 Tattermunge Witch… and those were just the cards I saw!

Rares I drafted: Mystic Gate, Vexing Shusher, Ashenmoor Liege, Thistledown Liege.

I won two packs, containing Runed Halo and Primastic Omen.

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