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I was going through some old files today, I found this screenshot of my desktop from 2004:

(Click to view full-size)

Actually, I still like that wallpaper. It’s well-drawn. It’s from

RPGamer Theme Central.

Items I had in the quick-launch toolbar:

  • mIRC (for downloading comics)
  • Thunderbird
  • IE
  • IE again (?!)
  • I believe this is EditPad, a notepad replacement
  • HTML-Kit
  • WinAmp
  • Windows Media Player
  • DivX Player
  • No idea
  • Shortcut to some folder
  • Kazaa (pirate!)
  • No idea
  • 2xExplorer (Windows explorer alternative)
  • Crimson Editor (so far there are at least 3 different text editors)
  • Show Desktop
  • Terminal
  • Outlook (I never used this)
  • Excel
  • No idea
  • Thunderbird again… apparently I never cleaned up this taskbar.
  • Visualboy Advance
  • Firefox
  • Quicktime (3 different media players too!)
  • Warcraft III
  • Yahoo Messenger
  • No idea

For reference, here’s today’s desktop, same wallpaper:

(Click to view full-size)
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