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I wanted to add some basic tagging to my blog app so I tried out django-tagging. Unfortunately, the featured downloads on the Google Code site are quite out-of-date and would not work with Django 1.0, so I did a subversion checkout instead. If you’re getting an error like “ImportError: cannot import name parse_lookup”, then you need to get the source code from SVN.

Adding the tagging to the blog was pretty easy:

  1. Add the tagging app to

  2. Add a tagging.fields.TagField to the Post model

  3. Add a “tags” text field to the post form used.

  4. Modify templates to display the tags.

  5. I used something like “/tag/” url mapping to get all posts associated with a tag. Then you just need to write a wrapper around the object_list generic view:

from tagging.models import Tag, TaggedItem

from django.views.generic.list_detail import object_list

def posts_by_tag(request, tag):

o_tag = Tag.objects.get(name=tag)

queryset = TaggedItem.objects.get_by_model(Post, o_tag)

return object_list(request, queryset)

This view will use the same template used to list out posts normally.

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