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FNM 19-Dec 2008

I’m on vacation, so it means I actually have time to hit FNM. I sleeved up the Kithkin deck (no more Blightning for me!) and headed over to Robinson’s Galleria (Getting robbed along the way fyi). Nothing surprising, I managed to make 3-1, good enough for fourth place and four packs with crap rares inside. My loss was to the mirror match, most probably due to my lower card quality, as I had only 1 planeswalker in my deck.

For reference, the Kithkin decklist I played:

I won round 1 vs Kithkin mirror (he drew no Ajanis), round 2 vs Red/Green warriors and round 4 vs Bant control. My sideboard was pretty much weaksauce and never delivered for me. I don’t think I need both Wrath and Stillmoon there as I didn’t think Stillmoons are necessary in the mirror. The guy I lost to had the right idea – he boarded in more planeswalkers.

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