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Previously I hosted two separate WordPress blogs on, the old one I’ve had since forever, and a separate one that discussed only magic related articles. It was a bit bothersome to have two WordPress installs though. Now that I’ve migrated to a Django backend, I decided to merge the blogs back into one.

The blog now has the following sections/categories:

  • Magic the Gathering – for posts related to MTG
  • Software Development – for posts related to Software Development (hopefully I can write more about this topic)
  • Gaming – originally I didn’t have this category, but looking at previous contents of the blog and my delicious links, this is one of the things I write about the most, so I made it a separate category
  • Weblog – everything else I can think of

Each category has a separate RSS feed you can subscribe to – so that if you’re only interested in MTG posts you can subscribe to the MTG category feed, etc. There’s also a master feed that syndicates all the posts in all categories, available at the top of the page.

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