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at naia2 waiting for boarding,tweeting using psp :p

[06:34] dont think naia2 had wifi last time i was here

[06:51] only had 4hrs sleep, breakfast was a croissant from delifrance (expensive).wifi here is hella slow

[07:01] is leaving on a jetplane.

[07:21] flight’s boarding, hope to sleep all the way

[10:51] in line at hk immigration, there’s a guy who looks like aaron forsythe [mtg]

[10:53] safely in hk, waiting in line for the A11 bus

[18:30] panicky

[22:21] done for the day, can finally sleep (but still posted status!)


Uwi ka ng Melty kiss!! :D haha
how are you facebooking in line at the bus terminal?
the wifi signal from the airport was still available, pero depende kung san ako nakaharap =p