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just finished reading the ultimatum storylines. That was…depressing. WTH are they planning for the Ultimate universe?

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real comic or cbr file? makadownload na nga. hehe
from what i've heard…those stories suck.
olats nga. I just read the Requiem for Spidey and I'm glad he's not dead (ZOMG SPOILAR!!!) Seriously though, it was lame. They killed a ton of people in a run-of-the-mill Magneto hates all humans plot.
I imagine a meeting where they had no idea what the hell they wanted to do with the Ultimate universe and they were like "screw it, let's kill 'em all! Or as many as we can at least!"
Doom should not have been killed like that. Utter nonsense.
They're supposed to be rebooting the Ultimate universe in general. Thankfully, the Ultimate Spiderman comic will still have the same writer. Hopefully, they'll still keep the same light hearted tone and not have it be all emo like the Ultimatum series. :(