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Accidentally watched “Cloudy with a chance of meatballs” on DVD


Paano naman naging "accidentally"? If you didn't want to watch it, couldn't you have stopped it?
What, haven't you ever accidentally watched a movie before?
No, not really. I'd change the DVD if I had intended to watch something else. :) ) Illustrate how this can happen, Roy!
that would piss off the people who were deliberately watching
Ahhh, there you go. Well, if you went into a room expecting to watch something else, I guess you could call that "accidentally" (though staying in the room is voluntary?). I was under the impression that you had control over the DVD player and the television.
@Jaime, the initial post was a trap!!!
Lagi naman, with Roy. I was just too curious this time.
yeah, spoil it for the rest of us. good job.
btw, I didn't view the comments. keis cried tarp. :P
@Renz: Di naman spoiler eh. o_o Of course, you wouldn't read this too.