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to those disappointed w erap’s rank: did u do anything to educate his supporters? #halalan


it's hard to change the mindset of people who are used to the same kind of thinking for 30 years in 30 minutes.
bakit 30 minutes?
that's basically the maximum time that anyone would spend convincing another person to vote for his candidate.
if it's not enough? Why is it the maximum?
don't ask me.. it's just an observation.. you should ask yourself.
facebook bug.. I can see my comment in your wall but not in mine =D
ikaw kaya nagset ng maximum na 30 minutes :p there's nothing stopping you from spending more effort to try to educate other people, except maybe that you don't want to spend more effort. In a way, it's our fault too because we have a mindset that "those people" are to blame and we just give up on them as hopeless instead of putting in effort to help them make better choices. You're saying it's hard to change their mindsets. Of course it's hard, because we also have to overcome our own mindset that it's not possible to help them.
di ako nagset ng 30 minutes.. I'm saying that people don't spent more than 30 minutes to educate other people. Which is an observation, not a statement of rule.
I'm saying its hard because we've tried, Gordon has tried, the Gordon-Bayani volunteers have tried.And look at the results.
Then we're obviously doing it wrong, aren't we? Campaigning for a candidate is not the same as educating other voters. Also, having these discussions on facebook/ twitter/etc doesn't really help with reaching out to people who vote for erap/lapid/ revilla/etc.
The 10% who do think and are informed, don't have the fund, time, expertize, patience, level of understanding, perseverance and drive to change the outcome of the election.
Exactly. I don't feel like I have a right to complain about choices other people made. There was a time when I thought that it was enough that I made an informed choice and did my best effort to communicate that through the channels I was familiar with (facebook/ twitter/etc). You and I agree it's not enough. The question is, what's the next step? Or we just going to complain about it, or are we going to search for ways to overcome the problems?
I had a much longer reply, but I was like "This isn't the sort of essay I should be writing at 3am" :p
heheh.. I'm not complaining..I' m just stating a fact =D
Yes, well my original post was me complaining about people complaining haha. Ayaw ko na, tulog na ko.
hehe..cge.. what I'm pointing out is that you can't blame them for complaining, because that's all they can do right now.
Actually, that's my point. Filipinos like to complain, instead of doing something that can actually change the situation for the better. That's all they can do right now, but did they also do anything before the elections? The people who voted for Erap are the same people who voted for him twelve years ago. What have we done to educate or reach out to them since then?
hehe.. you're a living proof of such behavior..
Exactly, that's why I said…if we're disappointed with the results of the elections, we also share part of the blame because we haven't done enough. Hopefully we can do better next time. The problem of voter education is a pre-existing condition that we've known about for years. Although automation was largely successful, that's not a problem it would have solved. At least in some ways our elections are already improving, hopefully in the future we figure out how to solve the voter education problem as well.