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For those bemoaning the “unwise” choices of the masses: The poor vote is a thinking vote: #halalan


they're looking for a leader who is god-fearing, loyal, hardworking, principled, etc. i'm just looking for a leader who can deliver. i don't care if he steals millions as long as he can create billions of increase in our national income. they define a bad leader as someone who is corrupt, greedy, selfish, has vices, etc. for me, a bad leader is someone who can't deliver. i don't care if the guy is the nicest guy in the country. if he can't deliver, he's a bad leader. period. they should have included performance as a criteria. and they should have standards and metrics in how to measure the performance of a candidate ;)
I think, considering the poverty rate, no one has had performance of note, from that perspective.