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I think more people would be happy than sad if JaceTMS was in #m11 #mtg

[12:16] Fauna Shaman: Now that’s what I’m talking about! As usual, @fivewithflores delivers the best previews. #m11 #mtg

[12:24] Leyline of Anticipation: If your blue opponent has this out on turn 0, you’re now playing a very different (and unfair) game. #m11 #mtg

[12:24] Leyline of Anticipation: On the other hand, it might be possible to board this in AGAINST blue decks. #mtg #m11

[14:03] I hope red gets “Leyline of X: All creatures lose shroud and protection. Damage can’t be prevented. Players can’t gain life.” #m11 #mtg

[14:07] Why do Relentless Rats keep getting reprinted? At least make it common so that it enables an exciting draft archetype! #mtg #m11

[16:58] Fauna Shaman is a great card. That’s a terrible name though. #mtg #m11

[17:04] There was a rumor of Exotic Orchard reprinted because it appeared in @dailymtg card of the day. What about Emblem of the Warmind? #mtg #m11