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White Leyline: Really? RDW died again. Reprint Anarchy! #mtg #m11

[12:27] Slightly disappointed with the remainder of #m11. No Ranger of Eos, no Jace2, no Imperious Perfect, etc. Oh, and no @Grizzly_Bears #mtg

[19:48] Devastating Force: I love it, but makes me wish we had better signets. #mtg #m11

[19:52] Dark Tutelage: I would miss Phyrexian Arena a bit less if this guy could swing for two. Or at least cost a mana less. #mtg #m11

[19:56] #m11 reminds me of rav block standard. There’s hierarch, wildfire, a dark confidant effect, leylines. But yeah, better signets, stat! #mtg