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Watching Bad Boys 2, wondering why there are no cop movies in the Philippines

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does bobocop count? there's also that movie about ping lacson: supercop. lol
I think cop movies here are limited to semibiographica l movies about real life cops (like the Lacson movie I guess). We don't really have anything close to the cop movie genre with movies Bad Boys or Lethal Weapon or even Beverly Hills Cop. I reckon the car chase scenes would be too expensive lol
maraming cop movies sa pinas nung 80s at early 90s.
Meron. Google "Eagle Squad"… but this reminds me more of The Expendables. :)
Kung hindi comedy, di mo kasi malaman kung ano ba ang magiging genre ng pelikula…unde r fiction ba sya o fantasy :) So di mo din malaman kung ano ba mga kailangan na permit hehehehehe