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Re: skyfall, was it just me or was bond’s plan terrible?


haven't seen it yet, pero isn't bond's plan just to get the girl in the end (except yung first (?) craig movie)
He was banking on the guns, but they got sold already. But yes, it's terrible. There's no need to bring the bait if they are already planting bread crumbs.
Mas successful pa yung plan ni Kevin McCallister
yun rin iniisip ko, it's like watching home alone all over again
i think the overall theme is to humanize bond by portraying his flaws, but really, at the 50th anniversary, they decided that bond should be a lousy shot due to his injury?
@lizbethjane yes
@lizbethjane maganda andun na sila lahat in the middle of everything and he’s like “ooh, gas tanks!”
After a few days to chew it over, I've decided that it was the best possible case given the assumption that wasface, Silver, was just better with computers than everyone in the service, so he would have known if there were additional assets in the area of engagement and whether or not it would be a decoy or if she would be kept at another location.