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Here are the first few Marvel comics I read this week:

Savage Wolverine #1 by Frank Cho is a fun, action-packed ride. It doesn’t explain much of what the heck is going on, but it does feature Wolverine chopping heads off and stabbing dinosaurs in the face so hey, I guess I’ll read it for a while!

All-New X-Men #6 sees the young X-Men trying to settle into modern day. I found young Scott’s trying to wrap his head around mobile phones, bottled water and $5 magazines particularly amusing. The artist duties are temporarily handled by David Marquez (with Immonen still doing the cover) and he does a pretty good job of it too; the panels during the intro sequence with Jean and Logan are very well done. Bendis handles the Angel meet-up well, and Kitty and Storm quickly bond with young Jean

Daredevil #22 gives us the first encounter between the new Superior Spider-Man and our favorite blind lawyer slash vigilante. Not even Daredevil’s hyper-senses are enough to see through the change in Spider-Man (though the dialogue does give him suspicion!) and as heroes do when they cross paths, they are at each others’ throats at first. But the convenient appearance of an old enemy breaks their battle and forces them into a team up. Spidey and DD manage to patch things up, and later DD tries to patch things up with another partner…

New Avengers #2 continues Hickman’s epic Illuminati story with Reed Richards himself giving us a quick rundown of the multiverse-level crisis our heroes face. Hickman’s large-scale scifi storytelling is in full effect here as the heroes consider the terrible options laid out for them; I’m curious how this book will intersect with Hickman’s ongoing saga over in Avengers though.

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