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@PlayStation we better be blown away! #playstation2013

[07:58] Not really into graphics improvements, and all the streaming and social media stuff won’t be useful with a slow connection #playstation2013

[08:28] #playstation2013 @Yoshi_OnoChin on the stream! But he’s “not talking about Street Fighter” today. Also, he needs subtitles lol

[08:53] Woah. Chris Metzen of Blizzard on stage for #PS4! #playstation2013 Blizzard and Sony in strategic partnership to take over the world!

[08:56] Diablo 3 to PS3 and PS4? That’s disappointing. #playstation2013

[09:05] Underwhelming. Didn’t even show the console. No release date, launch price either? #playstation2013 #ps4

[09:12] Also, no Vita price drop! Bah #playstation2013


@lizbethjane yes, malapit na ako umalis lol