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  1. As large as you can, especially if you’re getting PS+. I’d recommend 160 at the minimum. For PS1 classics, I think FF9 is 1.5 gigs, that should be typical. For PS3 games, they range in size from 5-20gb (I think Uncharted

3, which will be free on PS+ after Jun 11 will be more than 20gb)

  1. I would just get the latest model unless BC is really, really important, the only BC models are the really old ones, the first generation so they’re likely to have more hardware problems. There are some PS2 games available on PSN.

  2. There’s usually 10 PS3 games and some number of PSP/Vita games available in the instant game collection at any one time. Around 4-5 of them cycle in and out every month. You can check this link for the current list for the NA store:!/en-us/free-games/cid=STORE-MSF77008-PSPLUSFREEGAMES

  3. New PS+ free games are added weekly for North America, but announcements are made before the first Tuesday of the month. Not sure how it works for Europe.

  4. I have no idea

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