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For instance, there doesn’t appear to be a post on there about uncharted or xcom being free at the moment.

They have a weekly PS store update post which includes the PS+ IGC games for that week, Uncharted 3 and X-Com are covered here:

Edit: Also

Also, there is a lot of other crap on there.

That’s only because it’s E3 this week.

Was hoping there might be a PS+ specific feed somewhere.

Don’t know about that, but since the blog is an official source, literally every PS+ free game and sale gets announced there at some point. Between reddit (r/PlaystationPlus) and the blog, I don’t see any chance of “missing out” on any deals.

Edit: I only thought to try this after writing this post, but you can just subscribe to their PS+ tag directly to get the PS+ content only. Try the following URL: (it worked in Google Reader)

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