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Posted on r/vita: Help - Vita charger not working =(

Hey r/vita, hope you can help me a bit.

I plugged in my Vita to the AC adapter before going to sleep the other day, but when I woke up the next day it hadn’t gained any charge at all!

Any advice? I’ve already checked the connections: the vita to usb cable, usb cable into the black rectangle adapter, adapter to cable, and finally the wall outlet. It looks like all the connections only go in one way too so I don’t think I’ve reversed anything. The only unusual thing I noticed (which I’m not sure if this was already the case before) was that the metal part of the cable connector that plugs into the Vita doesn’t go all the way in, as seen in this badly taken grainy picture: It may have already been that way before, I’m not sure.

If I power off the Vita and plug it in to either the adapter or my PC, I don’t get that orange light thingy on the PS button.

I still have around 50% charge left on the Vita though. I can probably take it to a shop to be checked in a couple of days, but I was hoping /r/vita might have some advice in the meantime!

Edit: Okay, I also tried connecting it via USB cable to the PS3, but Content manager was unable to connect to the USB D: So it’s likely a faulty USB cable? Is this a common thing?

Update: I brought my Vita to a store and compared the USB cable to one of theirs and definitely something was wrong with my connector, so I had it replaced. The store lady said my connector might have suffered from the cable being pulled out too hard or something. Thanks for the input guys :D

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