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So in this dream, I was taking part in some sort of problem-solving contest. The other participants were people I knew (relatives, friends, coworkers and the like). The fate of the world may have been on the line or something. Anyway, they give us the problems to solve and there’s three questions and the questions are hard: each question gives you a bunch of real-world facts and you have to find out a specific piece of information, but it looks they’ll be requiring a lot of computation and stuff. I ask I can go do the solving in my room (conveniently, the contest is taking place at our old house back in Kamias), so I go there and boot up TWO computers and start writing programs/scripts to do computational work, internet searches, pattern analysis, etc. I’m at this for a while and there’s no progress so I decide to go back and check how the other participants were doing. One of them tells me he’s already answered like 10-15 questions and I’m like “What, weren’t there only 3 questions?” He tells me to go back and check the paper. I look for the paper they gave me with the questions and sure enough there were actually 5 pages of questions, and the later pages were easy questions like multiple choice, essay, with some that can be answered subjectively etc. I facepalm and sit down with a pen to start answering the questions. Someone might have also put a Lego Transformer (it was a G1 Autobot - Trailblazer. This fact is irrelevant, but I like it) on the desk while I was answering. It was around this time I woke up. And that’s why I’m already awake.

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I have lots of dreams like this, but usually, it's just a test for grad school. Though, my dreams of grad school sometimes bleed into dreams of an apocalypse…
Many of my dreams involve the fate of the world at stake. My subconscious knows it's the best way to motivate me
i hardly remember my dreams by the time i wake up.
at least you weren't naked. oh, wait. you didn't say.
Transformers G1 ftw!