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Just finished watching Ender’s Game. So many things lost from the book!

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Ndi ka na-happy sa adaptation?
part nga kasi yan ng compression lol
It's like they cut out all the cerebral parts and just made a mediocre space action movie.
Initially, the author even claimed that this book is unfilmable, as large portions of the novel happen inside Ender's head. By merging it with Ender's Shadow, Ender's Game became a buddy movie (Ender and Bean).
Ames, it wasn't even a good buddy movie, Bean hardly did anything!
Well, the story had a feeling of the "chosen one" approach. At the very least, I could see visuals of what the book says (e.g. what the buggers look like).
The best adaptation of Ender's Game changes everything but does it fantastically anyway. It's Macross Frontier =P It's been 20 years since I've read Ender's Game, I think, but just about everything Ender's Game took up as a theme was done in Macross Frontier. Alien bugs that aren't really hostile. Almost telepathic connection with the hero(es). The young recruited early as soldiers. Manipulative authority. Mentor types. Genocide theme. Leadership/ finding oneself/ maturation in extreme circumstances.