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It’s odd, but I often have conversations with taxi drivers that go like:

“Sa Tandang Sora po ako”

“Saan sa Tandang Sora?”

“Sa may Visayas po”

Then later during the ride when we get to Visayas they’re going to ask where along Visayas I’m going to get off. It’s like in their head “sa may Visayas” translates to “along Visayas, please completely disregard what I just said about Tandang Sora”

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That's because you don't use the keyword "kanto", which means they have to remember two things :p "Sa kanto po ng Visayas at Tandang Sora"
E hindi ako sa kanto! Lol
Siya siya, "malapit sa kanto ng…" :p
Okay I see your point. I'll try that next time lol