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Survey: are the bills in your wallet sorted by denomination?

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Yes. All upright with the front first.
yep. all upright with front first. and smallest denomination in front.
Yep! Also grouped by new/old bills per denomination.
Yes, except for those times when I'm rushing and I stuff everything in, then I sort it later.
nasanay sa SG. iba iba kasi size ng bills. bulag friendly.
Yehey may nauna na mag no… No ako!
Josiah Habana isnt an empty list a sorted list?
walang call to sort() is what i mean, pero yes to your question lol
Disorganized, but my subconscious knows what's where without it having to be sorted by denomination. Optimized sorting algorithm, fragmented wallet. Too bad the memory module for coinage is not yet implemented.
Yup. Sort then if mint/near mint/played, then alphabetized serial number if there is time.
Survey results: Yes - 13 (including me), No - 3, Too Poor for Bills - 1 I'm glad that I'm not the most OC among the respondents.