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Okay, the sale has been up for a few days, but I still can’t decide what to get, if any. I have $20 available in the PSN wallet to spend, but I already have a ridiculously long backlog and next to no free space on my Vita memcard.

Here are the games I’m considering:

Tales of Symphonia Chronicles - the price is really good, but I can borrow this from a friend

MGS HD Collection (Vita) - I can borrow the PS3 version from a friend, however I generally have more time/am more inclined to play on a Vita

Muramasa - looks interesting, but I’m worried it will be free on Plus soon

Ys: Memories of Celceta - a lot of people recommend it, but it looks like I might be able to get a used physical copy at around the sale price

Tactics Ogre - it seems like it would be nice to have this on Vita, but I have it on PSP (I think my PSP is still working…haven’t touched it in a while)

What do you guys think?