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Just watched Savescumming the movie…er, I mean Edge of Tomorrow. Fun movie, but the last 3 minutes made no sense

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Explain that last bit to me!
How can I explain if it made no sense lol. Kelangan lang ng happy ending
Aww, they changed the ending from the book too?
Never got to read the book, just the manga translations and that hasn't ended yet.
Yes Dave, the ending is different from that described on the wikipedia page for the book. Tin, where can I read the manga translations? :p
Read it and tell me if it's still worth watching the movie.
Just read the first chapter. The tone of the movie is very different, way lighter the manga (where each death seems to be gruesome). The movie is still entertaining to watch, but I wouldn't blame you if you just waited for it to be on HBO or something
The fighting and the aliens in the movie are a bit generic compared to the manga, where there seems to be some focus on the weapons he's using or something and the aliens are beholder-type things. The movie aliens just remind me of zerg.
Aww. I know it's not a happy ending, but the end of the book is really dramatic.
It's an American movie adaptation with Tom Cruise. Of course they will re-write it to have a happy ending.
Wut? Wasn't he supposed to kill the Antenna to end the loop?