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Once more unto the breach. Wish me luck!

[09:53] R10 0-2 vs uw heroic, 8-2 overall #gpmanila

[11:08] R11 2-1 vs abzan aggro 9-2 overall #gpmanila

[12:02] R12 2-0 vs mantis jeskai, 10-2 overall #gpmanila

[12:55] R13 0-2 vs mardu (feature match area) 10-3 overall #gpmanila

[14:01] R14 0-2 vs monored, 10-4 overall #gpmanila

[15:14] R15 2-1 vs abzan aggro, finish at 11-4. Cash! #gpmanila

[16:10] Luck ran out on day 2, finished #gpmanila at 37th, good enough for a bit of cash

[22:36] Oh wow, I was mentioned in the day 1 coverage #gpmanila


@roytang friend mo daw kasi si Neale. haha. saw the final standings.. both you and paxi got bad breaks sa tiebreakers. sayang.
@aleksfelipe yeah, i actually finished slightly worse this time, since 34th ako nung 2012. Well, them’s the breaks