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St. Vincent de Paul (blurry)
There's a 2-3 hour line to get into the Basilica
Immaculate Conception room
He's Italian!
Inscriptions over the entrance to St. Peter's Basilica
Parroquis de Reina Maria. They apparently had the only English language mass in Barcelona. This photo was "enhanced" by Google+
I only have this picture because it was in front of the seats and my feet were REALLY tired
The list of Popes death years, listed outside the Pope crypts underneath the Basilica
This is a picture of some tourists taking pictures of the Swiss Guard
This guy tried to warn the Trojans not to accept the horse. So one of the gods sent a snake to eat him and his sons.
This is supposed to be a statue of St. Peter, but the inscription says Pius IX
At first I thought about taking pictures of all the Pope statues but then I remembered there have been 266 of them
This statue was doing the Dr. evil thing with his pinky, but this picture is crappy
Pine cone courtyard. IDK why it's called that
This last supper tapestry looked like they were Chinese
I think this was the main altar of the Basilica
Some tourists arguing on the street
Quiz night results
The massacre of innocents
Piazza de Popolo (or something like that) They had egyptian obelisks placed at major landmarks to guide pilgrims. At that time, Egypt was part of the Roman empire
Sagrada Familia. This pic was "enhanced" by Google+
The birth of Jesus Christ
Statue of Apollo
This angel is saying "talk to the hand"
Some sort of ancient Roman comics
St. Peter telling off a bird
30 years ago a crazy Australian man took a hammer to this sculpture and damaged it, so now they have it behind glass. I blame the glass for the blurry pic
Last night's dinner - fettucinni bolognese
The resurrection. The eyes of Jesus in the tapestry would follow you as you walked across the room
Some stall was selling Italian comics
Trevi fountain, unfortunately under renovation when we were there. This pic was "enhanced" by Google+
These doors are opened only during Jubilee years. The Pope will open them next during Christmas 2025
Belvedere torso
This was the inscription on the floor of the entrance to St. Peter's Basilica
Statue of Hermes/Mercury
We came upon some sort of street art exhibit where one of these stones was placed every few feet with some other item or a clever saying.
Statue of ancient Roman taking a selfie
View of St. Peter's Square from the Basilica entrance.
So museum. Much ancient