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Europe trip photo dump

Bubble Guy -- Photo Credit: Ryan Liwanag
The view from atop the Centro Comercial de las Arenas -- Photo Credit: Ryan Liwanag
Maria Reina Church in Barcelona
There's a mess of tunnels underneath what used to be the Colosseum floor - they raised up animals using trapdoor platforms from this level
The outside of the Colosseum - the pillars are riddled with holes
The Coronation of Napoleon ended the first audioguide tour we had decided to follow. The painting is huge and there were lots of details to take in
Dona i Ocell' Sculpture at Parc Joan de Miro -- Photo credit: Ryan Liwanag
Diana of the Hunt. There's a replica of this statue in the hall of mirrors in Versailles
We took the train ride to the top of the Eiffel, almost 300m above sea level. It was ridiculously cold at the top too, my hoodie was nowhere near enough
After enjoying the view from the top of the tower, we descended and enjoyed the tower's light show
A display atop the tower showed the distance from different capital cities around the world, and the height of the highest building there, for comparison to the Eiffel. I have no idea what this Stratford Residences is though
Panoramic view from atop the tower. Please excuse my poor camera skillz
Fountain Show -- Photo Credit: Ryan Liwanag
One of the golden statues watching over the Pont Alexander
Hospital Sant Pau -- Photo Credit: Ryan Liwanag
Another view of the hospital
Apparently there's always a big crowd around the Mona Lisa. I honestly found it a bit underwhelming, given how famous it is.
Panorama of the view from the Montmarte hill
Supposedly if you lie with your hand inside the mouth, you will lose your hand. I would have pretended to lose my hand, but the guy ahead of us in the queue already did that gag
Yummy paella!
The view overlooking the Roman forum and nearby ruins
The roof of the columned area looks like shattered plates -- Photo Credit: Ryan Liwanag
This lizard is kind of a big deal, souvenir shops often have keychains featuring it. Photo credit: Ryan Liwanag
Googling "barcelona street game where old men throw metal balls" tells us this is called Petanque. -- Photo credit: Ryan Liwanag
The bridge gives us a good view of the Eiffel Tower in the distance
Our quiz night results -- who knows what place we finished
One of the last rooms we visited was full of Rembrandts, who was apparently very fond of selfies somehow
Sagrada Familia -- Under Construction
South facade of the Sagrada Familia -- it looks like some sort of Nativity scene
Europe trip photo dump
There's a series of rooms with detailed paintings of Greek myths which left me looking up all the time. I think this Apollo one was my favorite
The Hall of Battles was easily my favorite thing in the Chateau, I paid attention to each of the battles/paintings discussed by the audioguide. Typically, I have already forgotten most of the information, but I was well entertained
The famous Hall of Mirrors in the Chateau
There's a series of rooms where normal people could get a glimpse of the king and queen's daily lives, including their bedrooms and this dining room
The Winged Victory of Samothrace. Well, I may have accidentally clicked on the detailed guide for  this piece and thus spent some extra time here