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Rd 1 0-2 loss vs abzan (mull to 6 and mull to 5) #GPLondon

[18:23] Rd 2-0 win vs rg monsters (mull to 6 g1) #GPLondon

[20:09] R3 2-1 vs abzan control (almost went to time) #gplondo

[21:05] R4 2-1 win vs abzan megamorph (mull6 in g2) 3-1 overall #GPLondon

[22:16] R5 0-2 vs abzan megamorph 3-2 overall on the bubble again =/ #GPLondon


[23:31] R6 0-2 loss vs temur dragons in close games. And I’m out :( #gplondon

[23:33] I’m out of #gplondon at 3-3. Sigh, too rusty and too many bad plays. Performance getting worse at each succeeding gp!


@roytang Abzan’s not very forgiving to mulligans
@Woerlan i actually almost had the 2nd game…if he didnt have the 3rd siege rhino lol
You just need to train before GPs again instead of going in almost cold.
Aint nobody got time for that! Lol
Haha, if you take a sabbatical, that can be your goal–train and become a champion!
Maybe it's time to retire
…retire from work and train to be a champion? lol
Kerwin Tang di na ko magwork, supportahan mo na lang ako :p
@roytang Lolz. Since you gave in and played at #GPLondon what are the chances you’re going to end up playing at #GPKobe in Nov?
@elf_follows still no :p i dont wanna read japanese cards. Unless you want to come with and translate for me? haha