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As is tradition, my spoiler-free review of The Force Awakens:

  • rewatching the original trilogy immediately before this one was well worth it
  • wow a lot of beautiful shots and landscapes, from beginning to end
  • the heart of the true Star Wars fan will skip a beat every time the background music comes up
  • it feels like coming home. A lot of familiar elements, interspersed with the new. A nice way to transition into a new trilogy
  • I often wonder what it must have felt like to watch the original Star Wars: A New Hope in the theaters back then. This is how I imagined it to be
  • Try not to think about the fact that Episode VIII won’t come until 2017 :D
  • quite possibly the best movie of 2015
  • on the ride home I was like: Ten ten tenetenenten tenetenenten tentenenten … (okay, maybe I was like that before the movie too)
  • …yeah, it was ok :D