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Batman vs Superman Dawn of Justice Spoiler-Free Review:

  • (Edit) OK lang panoorin, wag lang magexpect na super ganda ang story. Entertaining naman mga fight scenes :p
  • not a fan of Affleck’s Batman. Too gun-friendly, and he doesn’t really show a Bruce Wayne persona. He’s dark and brooding and grim in and out of the suit
  • Jeremy Irons as Alfred was ok, but he looks like Tony Stark
  • Eisenberg’s Luthor is not the same as any of the previous Luthors. He’s a manic genius, closer perhaps to the Riddler
  • a number of plot details don’t really make any sense. Need to suspend disbelief quite a bit
  • Snyder is too in love with his slow-motion scenes trying to make everything dramatic
  • there are a number of sequences that don’t mesh well together, like Snyder is randomly jumping between scenes that don’t cohere
  • in fact, there are particular scenes that feel like “WTH is this scene for, Snyder is just indulging himself now”
  • it’s like Superman needs to realise that Lois Lane is more trouble than she’s worth
  • yay cameos of future JLers
  • the actual BvS showdown looked great, and went pretty much the way you’d expect
  • Gal Gadot as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman was great
  • I liked the final battle sequence
  • many, many things pointing towards the eventual JL movie
  • IMAX? Probably not worth it. Not too much 3d stuff
  • Post-credits scene: NO. Or so the internet tells me, we didn’t bother to wait
  • I can see why the reviewers kind of ripped the movie apart. They definitely need to work more on tightening up the movies, but overall this was better than Man of Steel I think.


Dami references sa comics ah. May Injustice, Crisis, and even similarities sa New 52 JL first arc. Hehe.
"Better than Man of Steel" isn't really saying much :|
Now that I've had a nap, some more comments: - Superman characterizatio n problems from Man of Steel continue, he just doesn't seem like he cares. Parang napipilitan lang maging Superman - overall very poor character development for Batman and Superman - Laurence Fishburne as Perry White was great, I think his dialog really captures the character - I think the movie really suffers from having too much stuff to tell. They just hand-wave over a bunch of stuff that might have made some of the plot choices make more sense (yet somehow have the time to have dozens of scenes of people walking or falling in slow motion or bruce wayne looking longingly over the water or clark talking to a ghost)