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For my pro-Duterte friends, I have a survey. I’m not going to try to change your minds, but which of the following views do you hold (EJK = extra judicial killings):

  1. I think there are no EJKs in Davao
  2. (removed - don’t answer this, see comment below)
  3. I think there are EJKs in Davao, but the authorities/the mayor are not involved
  4. I think that those allegedly killed by EJKs were killed by authorities in legitimate operations or self-defense
  5. I think there are EJKs in Davao, and the authorities are involved, but it’s okay because:
    a. They’re criminals and they deserve it
    b. Going through the judicial system takes too long
    c. Hindi naman ako affected
    d. It is an acceptable price to pay for peace and order/progress
    e. winawarningan naman muna sila
  6. I don’t want to think about it kasi wala naman akong first-hand info
  7. Something else (feel free to explain)

If you are uncomfortable giving your answer in public, feel free to PM me

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2b. But I am not pro-Duterte. So does my entry count?
Actually, I think I'll remove #2, since I want to know what people think, rather than what they know (most people will not have first-hand information)
5ad. not pro-duterte. but pro-castle.
5ad - because there is nothing to worry if you are not part of any criminal act 7 - I believe people in Davao won't have this kind of support to their mayor if the way he decide is not fair. I can't vote anyway, just want to share my opinion
In that case, my answer definitely should not count. Good survey, though.
Verify ko lang if aware ka of reports of at least 9 cases of mistaken identity that were killed by the DDS, and you also consider this as part of "an acceptable price to pay"?
I believe hindi yan 100%, I'm looking at it as a whole, not slicing it into pieces and verify it one by one. I believe as a whole it will make Philippines a better country. Just like SG, definitely their system is not perfect, and I don't think the process they did decades ago of making it a better country is 100% rin, but it still become a better country.
I'll take that as a yes. Thanks