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Warcraft movie review:

  • if you are not a fan of Warcraft lore, I do not recommend watching it. It’s kind of a generic fantasy movie in that case, nothing too exceptional. Pwede nang cable
  • if you are a fan, go watch it. You know you want to
  • costumes, cgi, fight scenes fairly good. i was worried that the cgi orcs would look weird and out of place, but I actually like how they turned out
  • surprisingly faithful to the original plot of the source material
  • … which leads to a piss-poor ending for anyone just wanting to watch generic fantasy movie, because of what happens to the main characters in the source material
  • a lot of warcraft lore elements are introduced with minimal exposition, which would probably overwhelm a non-fan
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are there trolls? or murlocs?
Merong murloc cameo! Marecognize mo by the sound they make sa HS lol. No trolls
As long as it doesnt suck too much, ill still watch it! 😝 hope there will be next ones and they go the same way as the original games: wc1<wc2<bdp<wc3 <ft
wow nanuod kayo ni Brian ? sulit ba? haha
Also maganda yung set pieces nila (stormwind, ironforge, dalaran, etc), wow-faithful. I'm not sure if kailangan pa nila mag wc2:tod, pwede na ata dumeretso sa wc2:btdp
I guess I'll have to settle for murlocs

may libreng game time pag nanuod haha

yeah i can make murloc sound after brushing my teeth
Nooooo~! Warcraft! You were supposed to be the Chosen One!