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Posted on r/spikes: [Modern] Jeskai control sideboard choices

Hey, looking for some advice. Here’s the deck I played at the last tournament:

I’m mostly fine with the main deck (except maybe Tamiyo, a bit weak, if I think of something better in that slot I might swap her out). I’m not playing Nahiri because I don’t have time to get them before Saturday, and also because I’m quite used to this build already and in Modern I prefer piloting the deck I already really know

I’m thinking of tweaking the sideboard. No idea the meta to expect for this weekend’s WMCQ so I want to hit as wide a base as possible.

Permission magic:

  • Thinking of changing 1 Negate 2 Dispel to 2 Negate 1 Dispel to give better game against Tron
  • Counterflux. This slot is really only good vs Storm, is it worth it? I figure vs Storm you just always stop the start of the storm chain instead of the end, so maybe not worth it?


  • 2 Supreme Verdict or 1 Anger of the Gods + 1 Supreme Verdict? Or should I free up another slot and have 1 Anger + 2 Verdict?
  • is Shatterstorm even good against Affinity or should I have 2 Stony Silence instead? (I don’t have the 2nd Stony yet though…)

GY hate:

  • Relic or RIP? RIP turns off GY stuff forever while Relic is a one-off, but RIP is symmetrical so it turns off my own Snaps

Also, is there some guide somewhere that tells me what’s the optimal number to choose for EE in various matchups? I just got this EE, so I’m not to used to boarding it in.

Any other suggestions? What matchups should I look out for? Thanks!

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