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Someone on quora asked:

Are there books that can guide me step by step on how to become a software developer?

Not really.

“Becoming a software developer” is a very wide scope, there are a lot of different types of software developers who do different kinds of things. It’s kind of like expecting there to be a single book that will help you become a lawyer or a doctor, it’s not the sort of thing that really happens. You also need to decide what kind of software development work you would be interested in doing, and if you have no idea at the onset, then it’s the kind of decision that requires you to try out a bunch of different things to see which one you prefer more

It’s kind of like asking “what programming language should I learn?”, there is no correct answer that will be sufficient for all purposes - you need to know what it is you plan to do, and even then there won’t be one correct answer all the time

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