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Someone on quora asked:

How can I deal with problem of choice? I find it extremely difficult to make choices for myself in all aspect?

If you’re having trouble choosing between some options, that means they are mostly within an acceptable range for you (if any of the options was flat out unacceptable you would have rejected them on the spot). In that case, just choose one at random (literally roll a dice if you can’t decide) and go. If it turns out later that it wasn’t the best choice, figure out if there was any information that would have helped you, take note of it for next time.

I realize just saying it doesn’t mean it will be easy for you. It won’t. But just practice until you get better at it. Next time you’re making a choice, just choose one option at random or whatever your heart says you want or whatever. Some choices will be good and some will be bad, but that’s true whether you overthink or not.

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