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Someone on quora asked:

How do I get over the fact that people might betray you suddenly?

Try this: at the end of every day, count how many people didn’t betray you that day. Not only friends or family, but also people like:

  • the uber driver who got you to your destination on time and didnt kidnap you
  • the cashier at the grocery who didnt try to short-change you so she could pocket some extra cash
  • the pizza delivery guy who didnt try to break int your house
  • etc

Ok, there’s a chance that this exercise might actually make you more paranoid lol. But the point of it is to realize that people implicitly trust each other every day, even strangers. Society is held together by the simple fact that most of the time people aren’t looking out to betray other people (they have their own problems to worry about). Sure there’s always the possibility that your best friend of 10 years suddenly decides to sell you out somehow, but there’s also a possibility of a meteor crashing into your house tomorrow. Worrying about such things is pointless. It’s okay to maintain a healthy level of skepticism about other people’s intentions, but most of the time everybody is else is too busy trying to get by.

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